Philemon Stout, Jr., 1842-1910

Philemon Stout Jr. was the fourth of Philemon Sr. and Penelope’s seven children. He owned at least eighteen hundred acres of land at one time. He represented Ball Township on the Sangamon County Board of Supervisors, and served on the building committee for the original town hall. In 1898 he held a picnic that catered to over four thousand invited guests. Here you will find an account of that picnic, receipts for the food and refreshments, photos of Philemon and his second wife Louisa (Brasfield), family photo albums, an account book, and more.

Account Book of Joab Philemon Stout 1885-1886-1887

Louisa P Brasfield Stout Grave

Philemon Stout Jr. Grave


Stout Picnic